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Everyone has "things" that make them go "hmm." And for some people, there's nothing that says romance like dating a biker. There's nothing better than being on the open road, traveling across the landscape with the wind whipping through your hair and oil leaking from your bike. So if you're into leather...vests that is, and you love Harley Davidson motorcycles, here are some tips on how to date a biker!

Browse the Web. There are some great sites out there specifically for people who want to date bikers!, and are a few of the many sites that'll break the ice and put people together. Check out these great sites! Beware of some sites like BikerKiss that have a ton of "regular ads"....or should we say most ......and not Bikers. 

Go to a
Biker Bar. Part of being in the Biker culture is bellying up to a bar with sawdust on the floor, Blues on the jukebox and men hustling pool. Now that spells romance. For Biker Bars in your area, surf the Web using your favorite search engine for "Biker Bars" followed by the name of your city. You should return a handful of results. These are great watering holes for Biker's making a trek through the desert. You'll be sure to find a bikerdate there!

Check out Biker events! From the Great American Motorcycle show held in Atlanta to some of the fantastic events Harley Davidson holds throughout the year. Make it a point to go to biker rallies and rides. There you'll meet plenty of people who share your passion! Sprinkle in a little romance like a sunset drive and you'll be good to go. It'll be no problem getting a biker date!

Be a sales rep! This is a tad unconventional, but if you truly love the experience of riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, then consider selling them or working at a major bike company. Everyone who works at these companies owns a bike. It'd be a crime not to. Plus you might even get a great discount and find Mr. or Ms. Right. You can't beat that!


Or just do what most people do and log on to BikerMatchmaking and look through thousands of Biker personal ads. You can respond to those who have contacted you for free, sell and buy scooters for free, and so much more!



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